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The ICRC defines a missing person as someone whose relatives have no news of him or her, or who has, on the basis of reliable information, been reported missing. Not knowing whether a loved one is alive or dead is highly distressing. The uncertainty can bring life to a standstill for those left behind and lead to issues of poor mental health. Psychological and social support is therefore essential in situations such as these, helping people to bear the pain and grief of not knowing what has happened to their loved ones.

Many Hondurans who have missing relatives say that their dreams help them to cope. Below are the dreams of two such mothers. Recently, she found her other missing son in Guadalajara, Mexico.

After one particular stretch of sleepless nights, she finally fell asleep and had a vivid dream. She dreamt that she was walking barefoot, wearing nothing but a nightdress, on the cool turf of the football pitch where her son had played since he was a little boy.

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It was dark and everyone else was asleep. On entering the house, she saw that there was a coffin in the living room. A tall man with a blurred face invited Clementina in. She took a couple of steps towards the coffin. Putting her hands on either side of the glass pane in the lid, she peered inside.

She saw that the face and body of the corpse belonged to her son. The BET Awards is now at a similar crossroads as the Soul Train Awards was in the early 00s: major talent is skipping the show, and the network is challenged to put together a cohesive program while trying to serve all demos. After two years of plunging ratings, the broadcast finally seems to have found balance again in I need music that works as a backdrop for brown liquor in red solo cups, please.

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As Perry himself mentioned in his rebuttal to Spike Lee, he speaks to his fanbaseā€”a base that largely goes ignored by many of the more critically-acclaimed Black storytellers in cinema. Who gets the final say on Blackness in entertainment?

Hustling his way up from standup through hit comedy records to actually seeing his movie on the big screen, Moore is portrayed as a symbol of Black individuality and self-actualization. As I was watching his story unfold, I was reminded of the parallels to Perry. In one scene in How many of those applauding this biopic would have cringed seeing Dolemite in , a jive-talking, pudgy quasi-pimp at the center of a shoddily made flick?

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She took a couple of steps towards the coffin. Putting her hands on either side of the glass pane in the lid, she peered inside. She saw that the face and body of the corpse belonged to her son. Clementina woke up as she started to cry. She says that although it was a devastating dream, it helped her to accept the loss of her son. Jorge Flores Murcia, known as "Quiro", went missing 30 years ago as he made his way to the United States.

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There were no calls: in those days, their family had neither a landline nor a mobile phone. The last that Clementina heard from Jorge was when he was in Guadalajara, two years after he had left home. A neighbour, who was turned away by immigration police at the Mexican border, told Clementina that a young Honduran man had been hit by a train and had died. He had been trying to get across six railway lines. A couple of years ago, Clementina joined other Honduran mothers on a search mission.


In Mexico, she spoke to migrants who told her that the person who had died was called Jorge but that everyone knew him as "El Quiro". She was told that the authorities had collected up his remains and put them in a cardboard box. But to this day, Clementina has not been able to find out what happened to Jorge's remains.