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Dictionary DAMT. Original, and inspired by the dramatic interpretation workshops, the latter showcase internationally renowned researchers who, in recounting their research journeys, take the opportunity to discuss with students what has guided their career choices and objectives. Their overall importance has increased over the past few decades in both industrialized and developing countries, as their use has become more widespread across economic sectors and occupations.

For some, working in NSE is an explicit choice and has positive outcomes. However, for most workers, employment in NSE is associated with insecurity.

revue politique, artistique, philosophique

NSFE can also pose challenges for enterprises, the overall performance of labour markets and economies as well as societies at large. Supporting decent work for all requires an in-depth understanding of NSFE and its implications. The conference, based on a recent ILO publication , will detail trends and consequences of NSE and draws on international labour standards and national experience to advance policy recommendations that help to ensure protection of workers, sustainable enterprises and well-functioning labour markets. We start with the Varieties of Capitalism concept VoC , and argue that it provides a useful initial framework for thinking about how to compare national employment relations systems.

We reassess the VoC framework in light of the evidence summarised in the twelve country-specific chapters in the 6th edition of our book — International and Comparative Employment Relations.

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We argue that while our analyses provide evidence that supports aspects of the VoC approach, they also help to identify some of the limitations of this approach. We further illustrate these limitations by highlighting some of the increasing within-country differences that we found between countries, including the rise in non-standard work, dual patterns of employer coordination, and outsourcing and organisational fragmentation.

This leads us to argue for an internationally-comparative approach that goes beyond simple models and that is capable of capturing a broader range of factors which reflect the connections between national economies as well as industry sector level features that shape employment relations. Hence, organizations increasingly engage in hybrid organizing to collectively address such challenges. This paper examines how employees and managers collaborate across the organizational divides of two heterogeneous firms that engage in hybrid organizing within the renewable energy sector.

Qualitative data collected in real time, at an interval of two years, is mobilized to trace how organizational actors cope with working in a hybrid organizational constellation, and which organizational consequences it produces. Union decline has had important consequences for politics, inequality, and social policy. Common explanations cite employment shifts, public opinion, labor laws, and differences in working class culture and organization. But comparing the United States with Canada challenges those explanations.

After following US unionization rates for decades, Canadian rates diverged in the s, and are now nearly three times higher. This divergence was due to different processes of working class political incorporation. In the United States, labor was incorporated as an interest group into a labor regime governed by a pluralist idea. In Canada, labor was incorporated as a class representative into a labor regime governed by a class idea. As a result, union density stabilized in Canada while plummeting in the United States.

Le plat est unique. Gregor Murray est en Chine. By discussing the modus operandi of these organizations, I will argue that trade unionism as an organizational platform is losing its popularity and significance amongst informal workers.

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This conference drew on long-term observations of labour relations and labour relations actors in the European context. Their extensive fieldwork has, over time, resulted in the development of a number of hypotheses about the sociological foundations of collective employee representation. One of the hallmarks of citizenship is employment or self-employment. Work not only enables us to earn remuneration to support ourselves and our families, but it enables us to contribute to the growth of our nation through the utilisation of our skills.

Yet in countries like Canada and Australia, persons with disabilities are a forgotten cohort. This is because our levels of employment or of self-employment are far lower than is the case with other groups, except perhaps for first nations peoples. Not until the levels of employment and of self-employment are improved for persons with disabilities will most disabled persons attain full and meaningful citizenship.

In this presentation, first, I shall examine article 27 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities CRPD which exhorts governments to implement programs to facilitate the undertaking of work in the open labour market by persons with disabilities.

Finally, a brief exploration of the work undertaken by the ILO on the employment of persons with disabilities will be undertaken.

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It is based on intensive qualitative comparative research across eight sub-national regions in four advanced industrialised economies - Canada, Ireland, Spain, and the UK - which, to varying degrees, have economies in which FDI plays an important role. It draws on interviews with both governance actors, and subsidiary unit managers in regionally important multinational corporations. It finds significant differences in governance patterns both within and between nations.

These are shaped both by the broad nature of economic coordination, particularly the contrast between liberal and social democrat variants of capitalism, and by the nature of territorial political arrangements within nation states. Our results suggest that those governance systems that have benefitted from a degree of political consensus, and where there are clear interlocutors between the subsidiary units of MNCs and the public realm, have a greater chance of potentially creating positive outcomes.

L’invisibilité du tort et le tort de l’invisibilité.

Foreign MNC engagement with regional institutions tends to occur mainly at points where the subsidiary unit is involved in international contests for investment, and is relatively restrained outside this. There is no indication that local managers of foreign MNCs perceive more coordinated regional variants of capitalism more negatively than more liberal variants. Gregor Gall Bradford University School of Management , Royaume-Uni A survey of how workers are responding to continued exploitation and oppression suggests that there is limited innovation in forms and expression of conflict at work in the global north.

Consequently, the efficacy of defending and advancing is declining. By contrast, in the global south workers are learning and deploying not only the historical tactics of workers in the global north but also developing some new techniques and tactics. This suggest that the direction of knowledge should be from the south to the north in the transnational workers' movement.

However, the effects on the labour market were different from those experienced in all other previous economic crises. Employment did not decline as expected and unemployment did not rise. Moreover, youth unemployment did not increase, in contrast to experience in virtually all other European countries. It will be shown that state-subsidised short-time working arrangements were not alone in preventing a collapse in unemployment but that a key role was also played by several other working time instruments incorporated into collective agreements concluded between trade unions and employers.

Nor should the role of the parties to collective bargaining in avoiding an increase in youth unemployment be overlooked either.

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Shop stewards are the main drivers for cooperation at the company level and the importance of the role of the shop steward has further increased in the context of the decentralization of collective bargaining. Recruiting and retaining shop stewards can be seen to be an increasing problem. This is the case in many countries. In Denmark, the job of steward is ever more demanding as the process of decentralization has enhanced the scope of issues to be negotiated at work place level. On top of that, shop stewards can experience a loss of members from traditional union to "yellow" employer-dependent unions.

Moreover, new forms of often international ownership, with limited or no understanding of local industrial relations institutions and traditions, exert increasing pressure on the often nationally based bargaining and cooperation culture.

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Our study of shop stewards, spanning the period from to , reveals that Danish shop stewards are more satisfied with their job today than 12 years ago — despite the fact that the job has become more challenging! Part of the explanation is a gradual but progressive change in the IR system at all levels. However, there are threats to the system.

Cavell, Conditions nobles et ignobles , op. Emerson, Self-Reliance trad. Fournier, Confiance en soi , dans S. Laugier dir. Laugier, Wittgenstein , op. II, n. Peretti, Schengenland. Mezzadra, Diritto di fuga. Understanding capitalism: crises, legitimacy and change through the prism of the new spirit of capitalism. In du Gay P. Eds , New Spirits of Capitalism?

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Crises, Justifications, and Dynamics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dunne, S. Stephen Dunne reviews on critique: a sociology of emancipation by Luc Boltanski. Organization , 19 4 , Fabiani, J. Fournier, V. At the critical moment: conditions and prospects for critical management studies. Human relations , 53 1 , Frenkel, M.