Manual Etude Op. 25, No. 4 in A Minor

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It was originally given the tempo Vivace by Chopin, later adding ma non troppo.

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No tempo was given by Chopin and there are no tempo changes. Applying heavier dynamics and over-dramatising his precise score directions eclipse the essentially elegant and light-hearted character of this remarkable composition, in addition to producing an opposite concept of its interpretation to that of the composer. This stylisation underwent transformation by Chopin. That he revered the music of Bach and Mozart above other composers, including his contemporaries, is a very important fact in Chopin interpretation. A technique exploited by harpsichordists, e.

Chopin marked Vivace with no metronome marking. Unfortunately the main theme has fallen prey to various mistreatments, due in part to the mythical legends about Chopin - the archetypal Romantic languishing in a violet-scented mist of indecision about his scores. A distorted view of his music has been perpetuated over the years. Chopin originally gave the tempo marking Vivace, later adding ma non troppo. Simplicity related to the Art of touch was his credo. Prevalent in Bach but uncommon in Chopin.

Marked Presto con fuoco with no metronome marking. The r.

A study in the 'art of touch', the four-tiered texture demands careful tonal balancing. Marked only Con molto espressione with no tempo indication. To the piano and legato indications Chopin marked Vivace, with no metronome marking. It contains some dramatic effects and a certain grandeur.

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Again, Chopin gave no tempo. YouTube first began in and I remember first viewing videos there around I remember playing this piece in my first public piano recital at 17 and how I loved it so much. However, for some reason it became offensive and "anti-musical" when I began to hear pianist after pianist upload it with the sole intent of attaining the fastest speed possible. I am not a fan of speed in itself as a musical virtue. In my opinion, even "fast" pieces have limits as to how fast they should be played.

Just to illustrate my point, consider the legendary Sviataslav Richter's "world speed record" performance of Op. To me, this is not music but rather a "speed fest":.

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