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After college, Misha moved to Washington, DC with his partner Victoria Vantoch, a writer, and started an educational software company. Then, on a lark, Misha decided to take an acting class, and soon found himself in the midst of a career change. Having traveled in Russia and mastered the accent, Misha has been called on several times to play Russian characters in television series—most notably the villainous assassin, Alexis Drazen, on He has also appeared in seven independent feature films, most notably Stonehenge Apocalypse.

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Misha wrote and directed the short film Stranger Danger as well as serving as producer on and also acted in the web series Divine: The Series. Two years later on September 25, , they would have daughter, Maison Marie Collins. In the alternate reality, Misha Collins likes tweeting and is keen to become friends with Jared and Jensen.

The first time they see Misha, Sam and Dean mistake him for Castiel , and Misha believes they are pranking him by pretending to be Sam and Dean. It's me again.

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And this time its one of my Favourite ships. I love to see them together. For me Destiel is not a Romantic Relationship.

They are there for each other. Like the best Bromance ever.

GISHWHES: A Miracle Story

Castiel to Dean : I killed two Angels this week. That's my Brothers. I'm hunted, i have rebelled,and i did it -all of it- for you. Balthazar to Dean : Sorry, you have me confused with the other Angel. You know,the one in the dirty Trench Coat who's in love with. Dean: Oh, okay We'll have a slumber Party, you can braid Sam's Hair.

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Where you gonna sleep? Metatron to Cas : Ah. I did so in almost a mechanical nature not really expecting a positive outcome.

The story how Miracle PA massacred team OG - Dota 2 Liquid - OG Gameplay

However, not only did the phone call prompt a positive outcome, but it came in the most rewarding way. My Hope Chest and the efforts they put forward in walking me through the final stages of my reconstruction restored my faith in humanity.

• Be precise. Be creative. Be courageous. Be shameless. Be GISHWHES. • Death to normalacy!

My chest was completely reconstructed in April of this year after a trying battle with the issue of lack of resources. I am forever grateful for this wonderful organization that empowers and rejuvenates the physical and spiritual form. Without breast reconstruction and My Hope Chest my life would not be the same.

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It has given my son a place to rest his head which was my miracle after cancer. It has improved my self esteem and body image.