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These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Their ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. While the execution and success of that vision have varied throughout the many iterations of Star Trek the most recent series Star Trek: Discover y has deliberately moved away from it , for better or worse , The Next Generation was likely the show that demonstrated it best. Q had not reached a verdict until now: humanity has been found lacking and sentenced to extinction.

Bringing back this trial from the very beginning of the show provided both a natural bookend for the series and incredibly high stakes. As Picard travels between these three time periods, he must find a way to bring the crews together.

Bjo Trimble: The Woman Who Saved Star Trek - Part 1

While this is easy in the present, the crew from the past does not yet know or trust him, and the crew from the future fears that his ramblings are due to the progression of a neurodegenerative disease with which he has been diagnosed. As the episode progressed, the jumps between time periods became even more jarring. Shots were shorter and deliberately vague so that it was hard to tell which iteration of a character was speaking.

All Good Things: A Love Letter to 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

Picard must fight through this confusion to make his crews trust each other and save humanity this theme of trust and faith seems to be something that they are going to revisit in the upcoming CBS Star Trek: Picard series. Taking the chance to look both forward and backward was the perfect conclusion for the show. It encouraged the audience to appreciate the present, treasure the past good times, and anticipate all that was left to come.

Another series was on the horizon Star Trek: Voyager started airing in , and the cast of the Enterprise-D would star in three feature films after Generations. Rather than rallying all troops and launching a final assault on the Q Continuum, Picard saves the day through a moment of pure enlightenment, deeming the human race worthy.

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I was a teenage girl, living in fear of a warp core breach. It was a trying time. I often wondered how the outside of the Enterprise managed to stay so shiny. Not that I was complaining.

Did they have window cleaners? Did they send Wesley out with a squeegee when he got too annoying? The curvaceous corridors, the tempting Jefferies tubes, the enigmas of engineering.

Each time a new location was revealed I was in my element. Or I would have been, if I could have got there.

50 years with Starfleet: a love letter to ‘Star Trek’

That chair, right? But the place on the Enterprise that stole my heart, the place where I would have lived if I could have, was the bridge. The bridge was the mind of the Enterprise. And the bridge was a thing of beauty. It was sleek and sexy, with its black panels and blue downlights, its sloping floors and curving rails. We mostly saw it bustling, in a state of urgency, with crew flailing about, but it could also be tranquil, a place to survey the splendour of space, to reflect on our great achievements and to ponder what else might be out there, waiting to be discovered.

Star Trek: The Next Generation was one of those TV shows that helped me in life to go, if not boldly, then at least a little bold er.

And the Enterprise, that gorgeous Galaxy class starship, was the heart of the show. Enterprise D, was a great ship.

To boldly go where no fan has gone before.

My first girlfriend, was the original Enterprise with Kirk. Those were the days!

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