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Fun Fact 1: Rumpelstiltskin originated as German folk tales and various versions of it were collected, rewritten and popularized by the Grimm Brothers in Rumpelstiltskin Retellings:. What a brat. The Frog Prince Retellings:.

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The Snow Queen was first published in The Snow Queen Retellings. Fun Fact 2: This is the second Charles Perrault fairy tale we have on the list the first is Cinderella and was originally published in but was popularized by those Grimm Bros, who tamed the story to be a little less gruesome. Fun Fact 3: The original folk tale, before Perrault published a version of it, is a perfect example of how dark these original fairy tales really are.

In some of the earlier versions, the antagonist is not always a wolf, but sometimes an ogre or a werewolf. Fun Fact 1: The first fairy tale on this list that was originally published by the Grimm Brothers! Most of the time they just re-wrote fairy tales that had previously been published. Fun Fact 2: Apparently in early depictions, the princesses were a nasty bunch who liked to give their suitors drugged wine to ensure that their mystery remained unsolved.

Source 12 Dancing Princesses Retellings. The famine was so bad, it occasionally caused people to do some desperate deeds like abandoning young children to fend for themselves, or even resorting to cannibalism. Source Hansel and Gretel Retellings.


Source Rapunzel Retellings. Source Snow White Retellings. Fun Fact 1: This is the third Charles Perrault original fairy tale to be featured on this list. His version was published in and was, of course, popularized by the Grimm Brothers. Fun Fact 2: The basic elements of the story can also be interpreted as a nature allegory: the princess represents nature, the wicked fairy is winter, who puts the Court to sleep with pricks of frost until the prince spring cuts away the brambles with his sword a sunbeam to allow the Sun to awaken sleeping nature.

Source Sleeping Beauty Retellings. Wells that we could find. Fun Fact 1: Originally published in by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the Modern Library editorial board voted it the best American novel and the second best novel in the English language. Source The Great Gatsby Retellings. Fun Fact 2: The original novel was actually published for adults! Peter Pan Retellings:. Fun Fact 2: While researching retellings of this classic tale, we honestly thought we would find more, but only came upon these three!

Alice in Wonderland Retellings:. After thinking for days about what her possible storyline could be, Shelley dreamed about a scientist who created life and was horrified by what he had made. Frankenstein Retellings. It was published in and written by Baroness Emma Orczy. The Scarlet Pimpernel Retellings. Fun Fact 2: Robin Hood: Men in Tights is one of the greatest comedies of all time and if you disagree with this statement you are wrong.

Robin Hood Retellings. Fun Fact 2: Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story, and is generally considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre. Fun Fact 1: Of her six published novels, there are only 14 kisses in total. Fun Fact 2: The sisters originally published their poems and novels under masculine pseudonyms, following the custom of the times practiced by female writers. Fun Fact 1: There are tons of theories about who actually wrote all of the Shakespearean plays.

Some people even think there was no Shakespeare — that it was just a pseudonym used by a group of playwrights at the time. One of the most interesting theories, however, is that Shakespeare was a woman. Answer: girls. Fun Fact 2: Only men were allowed to perform in the theater.

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Apologies to Mr. Fun Fact 1: Will Shakespeare did not create this tale out of his imagination. Romeo and Juliet Retellings. Fun Fact 2: Sigmund Freud and other leaders in psychoanalysis studied this play religiously during the first half of the 20th century. Fun Fact 3: Hamlet is one of the most quoted works in the English language. Source Hamlet Retellings. Fun Fact 1: Macbeth is the only Shakespeare play that mentions a rhino!!!

Source Macbeth Retellings.

The second title references the holiday season of ritualized disorder and revelry, where you can act out all your fantasies. Source Twelfth Night Retellings.

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It was hard trying to decide what books to include and not include. Also, some of the books intermingle mythology with history, so again, it was a bit difficult to narrow down this one! A devoted mother losing the child she loves to drugs. This is where the romance genre comes in.

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It has to seem as if the lovers must end up together or their lives will forever be less than what they could have been. Regardless of which form you use, you must put death on the line so fear may be felt throughout. Fear is a continuum—it can be simple worry or outright terror. You can put it everywhere. And you should. His wife is trying to have a normal dinner with him. I wanted to go over and take this guy Radan and knock the hell out of him.

Something had to happen. It was like before a big storm, with the black clouds out there on the horizon. Everything goes calm and dead, and then …. Are you looking amp up the stakes in your novel? Do you need your readers to connect to your work? Then you need this principle guide to advanced fiction writing.

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Save money and buy this trio of books today! Dialogue is the fastest way to improve a manuscript—or to sink it. But dialogue that is sodden and undistinguished marshmallow dialogue has the opposite effect. Second, compress your dialogue as much as possible, cutting fluffy words, whole lines or even entire exchanges. Try this: Copy a lengthy dialogue exchange into a fresh document.

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  8. Then cut and compress as much as you can. Compare it to the original. Finally, when writing dialogue be sure to include some sort of tension in every exchange. Click here to Tweet and share it! At the very least you can have some aspect of it worry, anxiety, fright going on inside one of the characters so that communication is partially impaired.