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Number 3 Dec ; 1c p5; 1bw p29; 1bw p36; 1c p47; Year 2 review by Craig Hinton 1 para, 1c p Number 36 May ; Scratchbuilding a studio sized replica of Spaces Ultra Probe replica by Jim Small p 2bw of original, 12bw of replica , p2 1c of replica.

TIME Magazine -- U.S. Edition -- October 15, Vol. No. 27

Number 39 Sept ; Front and back cover photos 9c ; Kit news p; Photos p21 5c ; Lunar fleet: by Phil Rae p 17bw, 26c of models and replicas; Rae blueprint ; Building a Moonbase hangar by E. Number 44 March ; "Giant! Number 46 June ; "Giant! Number May ; Anderson retrospective incl. And if you enjoy it you can … More Preview Beaten to a Pulp!

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Spider-Man: Homecoming July 7. What It Is: A new dawn in synergistic franchise programming, as Marvel Studios takes the reins of a character owned by Sony thanks to complicated, decades-long bits of corporate machination. Dunkirk July What It Is: An epic recreation of the evacuation of Dunkirk, a miraculous rescue mission that saved hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers in the beginnings of World War II. If You Need Convincing: Nolan is, for his flaws, one of the finest large-scale filmmakers of the moment.

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Films like Inception , Interstellar , and his Batman trilogy work their hardest to deliver widescreen set-pieces without being overloaded with CGI. Dunkirk , shot entirely on large-scale IMAX film stock, looks breathtaking, if nothing else.

If You Need Convincing: King describes the eight-book saga as his magnum opus, and many directors have taken cracks at adapting it, including J. Abrams who eventually decided he was too fond of the work to take the necessary plot liberties to translate it to screen and Ron Howard. What It Is: A high-octane thriller about a young, talented getaway driver Ansel Elgort who works for different bank robbers and gets ensnared in trouble when a heist goes wrong. Wright is one of the most exciting action directors alive, so Baby Driver should be a great engine for a comeback.

Blade Runner October 6. But the look of the film as seen in its announcement trailer is pretty on-point, and director Denis Villeneuve made Arrival, one of the best films of If You Need Convincing: The cast is that loaded because Logan Lucky is directed by the great Steven Soderbergh, who has ended his self-imposed retirement from filmmaking to make it.

His retirement was short-lived only four years , but any Soderbergh project, no matter how thin the plot, is worth getting excited for. Rebecca Ferguson, J.

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Simmons, Val Kilmer, and Chloe Sevigny co-star. Nordic mysteries have been tough for Hollywood to translate, but Alfredson might have the right touch for it. Perhaps the director Francis Lawrence no relation , who worked with her on the Hunger Games sequels, can conjure one from her. Justice League November Zack Snyder directs from a screenplay by Chris Terrio Argo. Superman , but he seems to have taken criticism on board.

BAD MAGS VOL. 2: Visions Of A Violent World At Your Local Newsstand

The Comic-Con trailer for Justice League displayed a much lighter tone than usual for him, perhaps an acknowledgement that people actually like to have fun when they see superhero movies. If You Need Convincing: Pixar films have a storied track record, especially their original works which are accompanied by a depressing number of sequels these days. Sure to be an Oscar player, given its heavily made-up protagonist and late-November release date.

What It Is: The eighth in a popular series of science-fiction films that have been kicking around Hollywood for the last few decades.