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Also, the plant was cleaning water with chlorine, and chlorine does not kill Crypto.

Salmon run

It took ten days for the errors to be fixed and the water supply cleaned. The water treatment plant remained closed until June that year. All told, , people got sick from the Crypto outbreak, which was the largest waterborne illness outbreak in U. At least 69 people died—all with compromised immune systems, and most of them AIDS patients. As a result of the outbreak, the city drastically altered the water treatment methods and led a massive cleanup of source water—which included the rivers where the salmon were stocked.

In the five years following the Crypto outbreak, Milwaukee Water Works upgraded both water treatment plants and installed new water monitoring equipment providing minute-by-minute counts of particles in the water.

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Ozone water treatment replaced chlorine treatment. Residents regularly help by hosting and attending river cleanups.

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The North Avenue Dam was removed in Now, Milwaukee has some of the cleanest water in the country—both in the taps and in the rivers. The fish numbers are consistently rising, Vargo says—and other wildlife is returning to the rivers as well, like beavers, otters and deer. Study results back the phenomenon, as well. That electroshocking study was repeated in the same place about 20 years after the rivers were cleaned, Vargo says; this time about 40 species of fish were found, noted in the report " Changing Habitat and Biodiversity of the Lower Milwaukee River and Estuary " by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Southern Lake Michigan Fisheries Work Unit.

The salmon runs have increased in strength since the rivers were cleaned up, too, Vargo says. Salmon runs are a phenomenon when the fish head back upriver to the spot they were introduced in order to spawn. You can watch them from the riverbanks, seeing the salmon swim en masse to get to their destination.

In Milwaukee, the best months to see the salmon runs are September and October for Chinook salmon, and October and November for Coho salmon. Those are the moments that increase the curiosity, the desire to learn more, the desire to act sustainably. Eggold and Vargo recommend four different spots to see the salmon runs within the Milwaukee city limits.

Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather before you go. On game days in the fall—or on any other day during the spawning season parking is allowed in the lots for free when there aren't games —use the staircase in the Uecker lot to go down to the river and watch the fish.

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The stairs are right next to the walkway that goes over the river and to the stadium. If it's a game day and you're not attending, but want to see the salmon, park away from the stadium and follow the trail to avoid parking fees. The acre natural area opened in after sitting vacant for decades as a defunct railyard. If you want to fish, a staircase right next to the bridge takes you down to the river. In true Wisconsin style, you can grab a quick beer before taking in some nature.

Next to the Estabrook Park Beer Garden the first public beer garden in the country after Prohibition , a pathway takes you down to a waterfall in the Milwaukee River. During the salmon runs, you can see the huge fish shooting out of the water and over the short falls on their way to spawn.

The perfect spot for it is by Hubbard Park Lodge , a restaurant and private event space. Follow the path to the lodge until the end, along the left side of the building; go down the stairs, and you'll reach a secluded viewing area along the Milwaukee River. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology.

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