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On the opposite, Sorrentino recalls the Oscars of Neorealism. At that time, though, what won was the representation of Italy as a lively country, ready to revive after World War 2. Today The great beauty wins the Oscar for showing a dreadful decadence. Realism is the capability of speaking about reality.

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Even by transfiguration of reality, at times, as Sorrentino does. This is because the content, rather than the form, has to be real.

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Both movies are like a punch to the stomach. Ten minutes of a cheesy party at the overture of The Great Beauty are effective in triggering a sense of uneasiness. The same is the representation of some contemporary art: an ill, empty, and decaying individualism.

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The head to the wall, the little girl who stains with paints, the mute installation of daily photos of the pseudo-artist. Paolo Sorrentino puts the spectators in front of a mirror, making them reflecting themselves and the most hidden facets of the humanity. Realism means that there are no alibis, no indulgence towards the compassion or to the opportunism.

There is only plain and naked humanity that, if anything else, produces certain institutions, politics, and crime. These faults do not come from the others, not from everybody. The story is fatal. There is no way out, except for the death. The physical death that eventually frees from the spiritual nothing of feeble and empty lives.

The great beauty is unreachable, because it is not art, theatre, party nor words. Neither does the severe and distant echo of Eduardo in Napoli milionaria.

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The great beauty is life, life without pretense , the pulsating life of the horrendous and caravagesque face of the saint nun: the great beauty, indeed, which is the opposite of the Baroque. The movie has strong and sharp traits. It is moralistic. The Oscar is its seal.

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Passing it off as a manifesto of the recovery of the culture or of Italian cultural assets means that one watched another movie. Before that, though, there was life, hidden under the hoo-ha hoo-ha… All is settled under idle talks and noise. Silence and feelings, emotions and fear. Some haggard, inconstant flash of beauty too. Deplorable squalor and miserable human beings as well. Everything is buried under the blanket of shame of being alive, hoo-ha hoo-ha… Elsewhere there is the beyond.

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