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Sort order. Start your review of Seis Aciertos y Un Cadaver. Oct 02, Gina Valdez rated it it was amazing. May 05, DonQuijote rated it liked it Shelves: mi-biblioteca-digital , grata-sorpresa. Una novela policiaca made in Spain. Gracias Francesc. Dec 07, Elisa rated it it was amazing. Un thriller muy interesante, con muchas sorpresas y sentido del humor. This one didn't convince me I didn't like the plot I didn't like the narrative pace, it was confusing at times and at the end, I didn't like the inner voice of the main character nor his actions.

Aug 16, Helena rated it it was ok. Fluixet pero be tb Es duns q asesinen al company porque pensen q ha robat el billet de la loteria i con el detectiu els pilla Va contant la vida del mort dels lladres i dels policies a la vegada i aixo lia un poc. Needed something light and conversational to get the dust off my nearly year old Espanol.

PDF Seis aciertos y un cadáver (Spanish Edition)

This fit the bill. Ignacio Jimenez rated it really liked it Jan 31, Maria Marta SAldias rated it liked it Aug 31, Cyan rated it really liked it Jan 03, Diego rated it liked it Mar 26, Camino Fernandez rated it liked it Sep 19, Maribel Monrabal rated it liked it Sep 25, Luis Antonio rated it liked it Nov 07, Montserrat rated it liked it Apr 13, Rowan rated it liked it Jul 31, Maria rated it liked it Dec 15, As a result, the first-level communicating subject appeared in most of the translations under analysis as marked by foreignness, inadequate to the relationship which should bind them to the second-level interpret- ing subject.

The object of the discourse under discussion is composed of particular elements of the medical pro- cedures applied, which represent symmetrical conceptual systems and the corresponding terminological fields Ligara and Szupelak , subject to international standardisation e. Due to the limited format of this text, only some elements of the denomination level are going to be considered: the diagnosis, the tests selected and the resources used.

In all solutions offered by the translators, the diagnosis was rendered in accordance with the French medical terminology. Figure 3. The identification algorithm for equivalent disease names Walkiewicz One solution that may raise objections is the first one, constituting a functionally unjustified mirror image of the source structure.

Another component taken into consideration as the first-level dis- course object is the names of laboratory blood tests. The catalogue of lab tests performed in different countries is univer- salised, i. The down-side is that there is no generally available terminological system that would have a test classification comparable to the ICD system. PLT 1—3.

NEU 1—3. BASO 1—3. RBC 1—3. LYM 1—3. MONO 1—3. WBC 1—3. HGB 1—3. Only one of the translators translated the names of tests according to the French norm of communication, considering discourse genre and its characteristic sub- ject-situational context.

Seis Aciertos y Un Cadaver by Francesc Montaner

Table 6. French translations of names of drugs administered Polish French Technique Amoksiklav 1—4.

Amoksiklav direct transfer Atropinum sulfuricum 1—4. Atropinum sulfuricum direct transfer Clexane 1—4. Clexane direct transfer Bridion 1—4. Paracetamol Kabi direct transfer Ephendrinum 1—4. Ephendrinum direct transfer hydrochloricum hydrochloricum Fentanyl 1—4. Fentanyl direct transfer Transfer of drug trade names is motivated by respect for the original form of the proper name of the drug due to its identifying function.

The trade name of the drug is conventional and depends on the producer. Conclusions The aim of this article has been to present medical text translation from the discourse perspective. An analysis was performed on four French standard uncertified translations of a hospital discharge summary from the point of view of strategies and techniques used by translators so as to extend the relationship between the first-level speaker and addressee to the second-level addressee while preserving both the first-level discourse functions informative and second-level discourse functions representa- tional and communicative.

The results of the analyses indicate low trans- lation quality, resulting from little awareness of discourse implications of translation. Consequently, the translations appear flat, devoid of any evi- dence of the awareness of the role that particular verbal structures play in the three dimensions of the subject-situational context. In connection with that, most of the target texts did not achieve analogous relationships between first- and second-level subjects.

Neither was the object of the dis- course, verbalised at the internal-circuit level, rendered according to the scenario designed for target medical communication. It seems to be the case that even though the authors of the translations are active in the com- mercial translation market, they still demonstrate low discourse compe- tence, which produced unjustified traces of interventions of the translator as the second-level communicating subject, leading to imitation of surface features of the first level internal circuit, and, consequently, to a serious deficiency of communicative efficacy in the second-level circuit.

Meta, 50 1 , pp. Available at: http. Balliu, Ch. Meta, 55 1 , pp. Berghammer, G. The Write Stuff, 15 2 , pp. Charaudeau, P. Revue Langag- es, Doroszewski, J. In: Poro- zumienie z pacjentem. Relacje i komunikacja, eds. Doroszewski, M. Kulus and A. Warszawa: Wolters Kluwer Polska, pp. Dziennik Ustaw z r.

Fuentes, S.

Read PDF Seis aciertos y un cadáver (Spanish Edition)

Verbum, 7. Lingua Legis, 19, pp. Kasperska and A. Adama Mickiewicza, pp.

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Grzmil-Tylutki, H. Bern: Peter Lang. Hermans, T. Bukowski and M. Kielar, B. Zarys translatoryki. Labocha, J.

Monographs of the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)

Panace , 6 20 , pp. Lewicki, R. Ligara, B.

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Walkiewicz and J. Monin, S. Asp, 2. Ministerst- wo Zdrowia. Rouleau, M. Panace , 4 12 , pp. Walkiewicz, B. Norma kontra uzus. However, medical translation has not been frequently researched until the last few decades.