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It was cute and amusing, but not engaging enough that I would read more in the series. Oct 28, Sandy Bartles rated it it was amazing. A story of four overtype grannies, Lillian, Maggie, Sera and Abby Ruth, and the lengths three of them will go to help the fourth. You definitely want to stay on their good side. There is a funeral home director and his Father who has Alzheimer's, duck tape, a lock picker, a broke granny, one good with guns, and another that is really into yoga.

And let's not forget the good looking Sheriff Teague Castro! You will definitely want to read this book and I am sure you will be just like me… A story of four overtype grannies, Lillian, Maggie, Sera and Abby Ruth, and the lengths three of them will go to help the fourth.

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You will definitely want to read this book and I am sure you will be just like me…eagerly awaiting the sequel! A fun read This was a fast, fun read. Can't wait to read the rest of this series! Nov 09, Joanne rated it really liked it. This book made me laugh out loud!!

If you are looking for a fun read, this is it!! Apr 08, B. Super cute story. Loads of fun! Really quick read - I inhaled it in under a day.

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Definitely what I needed. Still laughing Oh my goodness.

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I was laughing out loud throughout this book. The Granny Squad is too hilarious. Can't wait for book 2. I don't much like guns but Ada is my favorite. Great book. I thoroughly enjoyed this one! Feisty elderly sleuths made for a great story. Mar 19, Laura Cushing rated it it was amazing.

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What a delightful read on my Kindle Fire! I found this one through the Kindle Lending Library, and now I can't wait for there to be more books in the series. This is a mystery that will knock your socks off- not the old standby of X finds a Dead Body and Investigates.

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  • No corpses- an entirely different kind of mystery! This involves senior ladies of all kinds - Lilian, a refined lady; her best friend plucky Maggie; Sera a hippie yoga nut; and gun packing Ada Rose. The mystery they find themselves What a delightful read on my Kindle Fire! The mystery they find themselves embroiled in involves a financial scheme that's affecting one of the grannies in a big way, and many other residents of the town. I won't spoil it, but let's just say that it is a very fresh and original plot and I hope the rest of the series continues in this vein.

    Apr 27, Madison Warner Fairbanks rated it really liked it. Conniving too. Manipulative as well. Entertaining and a bit wacky. Yes, this was a fun book about some old ladies on an adventure. And from the sounds of it, they are just getting started. Count me in for the ride, because this was humorous and everyone needs a laugh and a win for the good guys. Lillian Summer Fairview is in prison for social security fraud. The only problem is that the amount she took verses what the government says is way off.

    Her best friend Maggie decides to look into the variance while caring for Lillian's home. With the help of duct tape and two new friends, things get a little crazy when they go after the bad guy. Score one for the grannies.


    Jan 06, Sue Ross rated it it was amazing. What a fun read this was. When Lillian Summer Fairview is put in prison, it's up to her friend Maggie and two new acquaintances, Sera and Abby Ruth to figure out what happened and how to get her out. Much to the displeasure of the Sheriff, the antics of these Senior Citizens wreck havoc on the town and the true culprit.

    It's a romp that ends in Hilton's Head with one person suffering from an allergic reaction to copper How's that possible and why?? You'll have to read the book to find out. I'm already ready for the next one in the series to come out. Dec 13, Hilleary Peterson rated it really liked it. I actually listened to the audio version of this book.

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    I really enjoyed the book. Honestly it was a little slow to start in my opinion but stick with and it really picks up. Very intriguing characters, down to earth and easy to relate to, even for those that are not Grannies yet. The characters are extremely funny you never really know what they are are going to do or say. And it had a good mystery of how and why. I am looking forward to the next installment in the series.

    Oct 27, Amy rated it it was amazing. In For A Penny is about four Grannies with a lot of spunk.

    Penny Vincenzi - Author

    Lillian is in trouble and asks her friend Maggie to take care of her home for her while she goes away for a while. Where is Lillian going and why!? Follow the adventures of these Grannies, they are not your everyday Grannies! They had me laughing along the way!! Jan 10, Connie Lewis rated it really liked it. Four mismatched granny-types, a smitten police chief, a funeral director with OCD tendencies and a Social Security scam.

    This is an entertaining read. Can't wait to move on to Book 2 of The Granny Series to see what the grannies are up to next.

    Nov 23, Mary Edwards rated it it was amazing. Loved this book. I can totally relate to these women.