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The Golden Age can be subdivided into two major sections, the Ciceronian period q. See also Silver Age.

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Golden Age

The Golden Age of Latin literature spanned the last years of the republic and the virtual establishment of the Roman Empire…. Apple has made them speedier, improved the cameras and lengthened their battery life. But none of this is enough to warrant an immediate upgrade if you have had your smartphone for only two years. The iPhone 11 models are all a significant step up from those introduced in But for everyone else with smartphones from or later, there is no rush to buy. Instead, there is more mileage and value to be had out of the excellent smartphone you already own.

Then I compared the results with my notes and photos from testing the iPhone X in What I found was that the iPhone 11 was better, but not profoundly so.

Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas

All the iPhone 11 models have a new ultra-wide-angle lens in their cameras, which provides a wider field of view than traditional phone cameras. This makes them handy for shooting landscapes or large group gatherings.

The newest iPhones all have the same computing processor, A13 Bionic, which is about 50 percent faster than the iPhone X. While that may sound significant, the iPhone X is already incredibly fast at shooting photos and running apps and games. The new iPhones all have longer battery life.

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The back of the Pro models is composed of a rugged glass that makes them scratch-resistant. There are lots of little things that are somewhat better on the new iPhones than on the two-year-old iPhone X.

The strangest stories from the golden age of plane hijacking

For early adopters who are keen to have the latest and greatest tech, those differences may add up to a substantial upgrade. The most noteworthy new feature on the iPhones 11s is the ultra-wide-angle lens. Using the ultrawide mode is simple and seamless: You pinch outward to zoom all the way out. On a beach, the wider view captured my dogs playing on the sand, the ocean waves and the adjacent highway.

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The new iPhones also have a new mode for shooting photos in low light. Once the camera detects that a setting is very dark, it automatically captures multiple pictures and then fuses them together while making adjustments to colors and contrast. The result was that photos taken in low light without flash look brighter, in a natural way.